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Top 10 Great Reasons to Choose Right at Home!
  1. The Difference is in our Caregivers
  2. Right at Home Concierge Program
  3. Direct Insurance Billing Program
  4. AccuPax Medication Management Solution
  5. Discounted Durable Medical Equipment (DME) for Right at Home Clients
  6. Free In-Home Consultations and Free R.N. Assessments
  7. Quality Assurance Program
  8. Residential Service Agency; Not Nursing Referral Registry
  9. Telephony
  10. Availability
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Concierge Program
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1The Difference is in our Caregivers
At Right at Home, our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We firmly believe this can only be accomplished by recruiting, training, and retaining the highest quality caregivers available. That is why we are proud to offer every caregiver the following training and recognition programs:

CERT Program LogoThrough the CERT Program (Caregiver Education Recognition and Training), we offer our care staff training, education, and recognition for the accomplishments in our system. Caregivers may achieve CERTified Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond status upon completion of certain training and longevity standards. Visit for more details.

Right at Home University LogoRight at Home University is the educational component of the Right at Home CERT Program and is designed to enhance the knowledge of care staff. It is comprised of free web-accessible skills training for all Right at Home employees including Safety in the Home, Reporting and Documenting Care, Understanding Alzheimer’s, and much more. Visit for more details.

Care Rewards LogoCare Rewards is the recognition component of the Right at Home CERT Program. It provides rewards and incentives to our wonderful caregiving staff for an array of positive work behaviors. Visit for details.

2Right at Home Concierge Program
Do you need assistance understanding, locating and contacting the appropriate services in the senior care industry? Right at Home has an extensive database of senior service providers with which we work on a regular basis. The Right at Home Concierge Program is available at no charge to our clients and referral partners.

3 Direct Insurance Billing Program
Right at Home will bill your long term care insurance company directly. Enjoy the freedom of having Right at Home submit your insurance claims for you. Ask one of our home care experts how you can enroll in our Direct Insurance Billing Program.

4AccuPax Medication Management Solution
Right at Home has arranged for special packaging to help improve compliance with your multiple drug regimen. This packaging decreases the possibility of taking the wrong drug or the wrong dose at the wrong time. Drug costs are 10% -30% less than retail and are conveniently delivered to your home.

5Discounted Durable Medical Equipment
(DME) for Right at Home Clients Right at Home is excited to offer you this wonderful new way to order essential products at home through its partnership with Medline, one of the country’s largest DME companies. And, best of all, we can offer prices that are very competitive with discount stores. We proudly pass on these savings to our clients and referral partners.

6Free In-Home Consultations
and Free R.N. Assessments Right at Home provides free consultations in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, if you choose to use Right at Home services, there is no charge for the R.N. Assessments. $100 per month savings!

7Quality Assurance Program
Right at Home has a dedicated quality assurance coordinator whose primary job function is to visit Right at Home clients to verify that we are providing the quality of care expected from Right at Home. There is no charge for this great service.

8Residential Service Agency; Not Nursing Referral Registry
When you are shopping for homecare, it is important that you understand the difference between agencies and registries. The main difference is that agencies employ all of their staff and registries use independent contractors. How does this affect you as the consumer? If you choose to use a registry, you as the consumer are responsible for workers’ compensation (you are not covered if the caregivers injure themselves on the job), you are responsible for payroll taxes for the caregiver, and your caregivers receive NO training and NO supervision. All of the liability falls on your shoulders. If, however, you use an agency, the agency pays for the workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, and employee payroll taxes. In addition, and most importantly, the caregivers of an agency are trained and supervised. Right at Home is, of course, an agency.

At Right at Home, we believe Peace of Mind is priceless when caring for an elderly or disabled client. That’s why we offer our state-of-the-art Telephony technology, which monitors when every employee arrives and departs a client’s home; at no additional charge to the client.

We are available 24-hours/7-days-a-week. You can always reach a “live” person when calling Right at Home. Our large caregiver pool allows us to staff almost any case within a matter hours, sometimes minutes.

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